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Why You Should Buy A House During Rainy Season

  • by admin
  • November 13, 2020
  • Home Buying Tips

In just the span of one month, the country has experienced super typhoons one after the other. The most recent and terrifying is the Typhoon Ulysses that made landfall on the night of November 11. Metro Manila and nearby provinces experienced howling winds that made trees and structures fall as well as unending rain that flooded cities. 

With a country that experiences an average of 20 typhoons a year, it is indeed a must to invest in a quality house and lot property located in a flood-free area.

But how will you know if the house you are buying is made of quality materials and built-in a disaster-free location?

Whilst the rainy season can be an inconvenience to all, according to real estate experts, it is actually the best time to buy a house. 

Here’s why:


1. You’ll know the status of transportation in the area

During the rainy season, certain roads and areas are flooded. If you are buying a house during the rainy season, you’ll know how the roads to the place will be. Is it flooded? Are there fallen trees blocking the road?  You’ll also know how’s the quality of commute during this situation. Is there public transportation available? How much time would you consume in commuting during the rainy season? 

Knowing the kind of transportation in the area during this situation, you’ll be prepared and your expectations will be set properly. 


2. You’ll know if there is a quality drainage system in place

Heavy rainfall can cause flooding. But if a subdivision or community has a quality drainage system, even long hours of heavy downpour won’t cause flooding. Also, with a quality drainage system, flooding is prevented even if a community is located in a sloppy area. So if you are looking for a house during the rainy season, check the drainage system of the community you are eyeing for. 


3. You’ll know the quality of housing materials used

Most for sale house and lot properties look amazing both exterior and interior, especially during normal weather. But you should look beyond the paint and other accessories. The rainy season is the best time to check if the house is made of quality materials. Pay close attention to how the electrical pillars are done, the quality of the doors, windows, fixtures, etc. A tiny dent on the window or door, or a slight leak on the wall, can be a good sign to stay away from that property. 


4. You’ll know the quality of the roof

Typhoon Ulysses brought about strong gushes of winds and rain. And roofs made of substandard materials were seen flying away. If you are buying a home during the rainy season, look at the neighbourhood of the subdivision or the community and check how houses held on. If you are doing a site tripping, you can also check the ceiling for possible leaks. The rainy season will be able to tell you if the roof of a house is going to hold on. 


5. Check with the neighborhood

There will be a time that doing physical site tripping is impossible during the rainy season. In this case, you can call and inquire from a real estate agent and ask about the condition of the house. If you think the real estate agent is a bit biased or unavailable, you can talk and ask your potential neighbors about the condition of the house and other stuff like electricity supply, community regulations, etc. 


These are just some of the benefits of buying a home during a rainy season. Of course, we don’t recommend doing site tripping during extreme weather condition, like what happened with the Typhoon Ulysses. However, we can still schedule a site tripping after the typhoon. 

On the other hand, we, at I Am A Homeseller, have been selling quality house and lot properties on flood-free and disaster-free locations like Timog Residences located in Brgy Cuayan, Angeles City, Pampanga which is in close proximity to Clark Freeport Zone.

Timog Residences 

We also have Mansfield Residences located along the Friendship Circumferential Road, which is in the middle of Angeles City and San Fernando City, Pampanga. 

Mansfield Residences

Both subdivisions have quality drainage systems and are located in higher altitude where no flooding has been recorded. 


If you need help in buying quality house and lot located in disaster-free communities, just call/text us at 0918-963-6760 for free site tripping. 


Keep safe and happy house hunting!