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Why House & Lot is a Better Investment Than Condominium

  • by admin
  • September 3, 2022
  • Home Buying Tips | Investment

Are you investing in real estate? Can’t decide on which property to put your money into?

Because of the ever-growing population in the Philippines, real estate is an active market. People are constantly looking into buying property, and the predicament is always the same: which one is worth investing in?

Keep in mind that in purchasing a property, one does not only consider what is comfortable at present. You should also consider what works best in the long run.

If you are in the hunt for new property and can’t decide if you will buy a house and lot property or a condominium, here are some reasons why a house and lot is a better investment. 


1. Land comes with the house

An entire piece of land comes with purchasing a house and lot. This opens up an entire array of possibilities for you as a homeowner.

Unlike condominiums, the potential is endless – you can start landscaping your front and back yards without having to worry about the space. 


2. Larger indoor and outdoor space

Other than the outdoor space, you also have a larger indoor space compared to a condominium. 

This is perfect, especially for families. A larger lot area means having your own carport, pool, or other yard features. There are really no restrictions.

With a condominium, you have to be accustomed to living in a space that’s less than 50 square meters. Most of the time, there are no outdoor spaces. And if there were any, they have to be shared.

3. Control over renovations

Houses and lots outlive condominiums. They have longer property life expectancy because homeowners have control over renovations.

Repairs and improvements no longer need approval from the management, unlike with high-rise properties. 

On top of this, families can break down walls and completely change the structure of the house according to their needs.

4. Better appreciation rate

When investing, the appreciation rate is what you have to consider above all. Landed properties have always been at the top when choosing where to invest.

Alongside the rapid development, land tends to grow scarce. This is why over time, prime land costs increase. 

House and lot is a long-term investment because it tends to appreciate better in the long run. Compared to condominiums, it is easier to sell. Even more so when the location is at its prime.

5. Full ownership and exclusive rights

When buying a house and lot, you have exclusive, legitimate rights over the house and the land it is on. This means you can do whatever you please with your property.

With this kind of flexibility, you can change everything to accommodate your lifestyle. With families, there is always room to grow. Or with working partners, there can be rooms transformed into offices.

House and Lot is better investment

Still thinking if house and lot is a better investment, here are more reasons why you can never go wrong with a house and lot property

Although the main concern with a house and lot is its higher cost, you must keep in mind that it has an entire piece of land attached to it. And this, over time, appreciates.

What you must keep in mind is that although condominiums are regarded for their prime location, there are still developers near industrialized and business districts.

With this, we can show you some of the best residential communities located in the heart of the city. 

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Condos can be good investments, but they are not as good as owning a house and lot property. 

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