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benefits of buying preselling properties

Why Buying Preselling Properties Is Better Than Buying Completed Projects

  • by admin
  • October 27, 2020
  • Home Buying Tips | Investment | Real Estate

If you’ve been looking for a house and lot for a long time now, you’ve probably encountered the term “preselling”. 

Preselling refers to any piece of real estate like condominium, townhouse, house and lot, that is being sold by a real estate developer in advance while they are still under construction, or during the planning stages. 

That being said, it is a bit unusual and unconventional to buy a property that does not yet exist. And you may even think of it as impractical especially if you are looking forward to buying a property where you can move in right away. 

But in reality, buying and investing in preselling properties have more benefits than going for those that are already completed. 

Here are the benefits and advantages of buying properties that are still on the preselling stage. 


Preselling Properties are cheaper

If you are a bit tight on your budget when it comes to buying a property, better invest in a preselling unit. Why? Because preselling units are normally cheaper than the completed ones. They are often being sold at an introductory cut-rate price of 30-50 per cent off as compared to the price of a completed property. 

So imagine the big difference that you can get when you invest in a preselling unit! You could have used the money that you saved on the improvements in your unit or in buying appliances and furniture. 


Flexible payment terms

Aside from being cheaper, real estate developers also offer discounts and promotions on their downpayment. Moreover, they also have flexible payment schemes to encourage more buyers to invest in preselling properties. These flexible payment schemes can go for as low as 10% which can be paid in a span of three years.


Have the option to choose the best property

One of the disadvantages of buying a ready-for-occupancy (RFO) property is that buyers were usually left with limited options. And these options are often less desirable units or not so good locations. 

However, with preselling units, buyers have the privilege to choose the type of unit that he/she wants, his/her desired location, and a lot more. In short, buyers can get the best unit or property during the preselling phase. 


Quick ROI once completed

By the time that the preselling property has been completed, it has already increased its value. Remember the 30 to 50 per cent off when you bought the property during the preselling stage? Now, if you want to earn, you can easily sell off the property at a higher price to a secondary market once it was completed. 

On the other hand, you can also rent it out so you can have a steady source of income. 


Where to find the best preselling house and lot in Pampanga

If you are looking for a preselling house and lot in Pampanga, Timog Residences and Mansfield Residences offer a wide variety of preselling house and lot properties. 


Timog Residences

Timog Residences is an exclusive community located in Brgy. Cuayan, Angeles City, Pampanga. It is minutes away from Clark Freeport Zone and Clark International Airport. It is also in close proximity to shopping malls, schools, market, business establishments, offices, hospitals, etc. It has exclusive amenities like airconditioned clubhouse, swimming pool, playground, adoration chapel, meditation garden, gated entrance and a 24/7 security. 

Timog Residences has two quality and premier house and lot townhouses available for preselling – Bloom Field Model Unit and Alpine Model Unit.

bloom field - timog residences

alpine - timog residences



Mansfield Residences

Located in Sto. Domingo, Angeles City Pampanga, Mansfield Residences is one of the sought after residential subdivisions in the city. It’s close proximity to shopping malls, schools, market, business establishments, offices, hospitals, etc. makes it the most accessible subdivision in the heart of Angeles City Pampanga. 

It is an exclusive subdivision that offers recreational amenities like airconditioned clubhouse, swimming pool, outdoor and indoor gym, playground, jogging path, gated entrance and a 24/7 security. 

Mansfield Residences recently opened its three quality and premier properties – Lime Model Unit, Mint Model Unit and Pacific Model Unit. 

Want to check out these preselling properties? We, at I Am A Homeseller, offer free site tripping on the model units at Timog Residences and Mansfield Residences. 

Just book a free site tripping schedule by texting or calling us at 0918-963-6760. You may also directly message us on Facebook using the Messenger button below. 

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