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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for your Family and Friends to Enjoy

  • by admin
  • December 11, 2020
  • Lifestyle

Christmas is just a few days from now. And even though this year is a bit financially hard for all because of the pandemic, we still wanted to make this season special by giving something to our friends and family. 

But the question is… what is the perfect gift? If you are still lost on what to give for Christmas, here are some ideas for a last-minute shopping spree. 


1. Personalized items

Mugs, cups, tumblers, and T-shirts are just some of the items that you can personalized to turn into special gifts. These gift ideas may look a little common, but if you put the names of your family or friends in it, they become special, unique, and creative.


2. Phone accessories

We spend a lot of time with our phones, so one of the best gift ideas that you can give your family and friends are some matching phone accessories. It can be colored or personalized phone cases or keychains. You can also give cable protectors, portable chargers, power banks, or phone stands that are very popular today.


3. Snack care package

If you are running out of ideas on what to give for your kids or friends this Christmas season, why not buy all their favorite snacks and put it in a box or basket decorated with Christmas ribbons. For sure, kids won’t resist this creative and yummy gift from you. If you are planning to give it to your friends, you may theme it into a healthy snack care package so they won’t get guilty indulging too much with good snacks.




4. Holiday Sweets or Christmas Delicacies

Leche plan, brownies, tarts, cupcakes, fruit cakes, the list goes on when it comes to holiday sweets and Christmas delicacies. This is one of the easiest gifts to buy that are always available during the holiday season. It is also one of the best gifts you can give to your friends that they can eat and enjoy during Christmas eve. 

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5. Succulents

If your family or friends are true blue plantitas or plantitos, this is the best gift you can give them. Succulents and air plants can add a nice touch of greenery to their homes or add up to their growing plant collections. They are very low maintenance with minimal care needed to keep them alive. 



6. Wine

Wine is one of the best gift ideas for the holiday season as it never gets old. It is also a classy gift that your friends and family can enjoy especially during Christmas eve. 


7. Safety care package

The pandemic forced us all to take extra safety precautions every time we go out and interact with people. So one of the best gifts that you can give to your family and friends and that is very popular this 2020 is a safety care package. A safety care package includes alcohol, sanitizer, face masks, and face shield. You can make this extra special by putting a little note reminding them to be safe during this time. 


8. Pamper gift box

A gift box usually includes some lotion, body wash, creams, bath salts and other toiletries for a relaxing bath time. This type of gift never gets old because your family and friends can use it any time. Plus, it will remind them that they deserve a little pampering from all the stress and pressure that they feel. 



9. Drip coffee

With drip coffee, you don’t need to have a coffee maker to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee. You simply pour hot water and it will drip slowly through finely-ground coffee. It is a cool and affordable gift idea that is perfect for your family and friends who are coffee lovers.



10. New home

The best gift that you can give to your family is a house where you can all stay and enjoy the holiday together. There is no greater feeling than to be with your loved ones during this special time of the year. Moreover, having your own house is also a rewarding gift that you can give yourself. 

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Hope this list of holiday gift ideas help you in finding the perfect gift that your family and friends can enjoy. 


Happy holidays everyone!