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To Rent or To Buy a House this 2020?

  • by admin
  • October 15, 2020
  • Home Buying Tips | Investment | Real Estate

COVID-19 has changed our lives completely. It has also changed most of our plans especially when it comes to owning or renting a house. But the big questions are – “Is it better to rent a house or apartment this pandemic?” or “Is it still practical to buy your own home despite the economic recession in the country?”

Those who have been affected financially by the pandemic would think that renting is the only option they have for now as buying a property is more expensive. 

On the other hand, those with the budget would rather invest their hard-earned money on a property to secure their future, especially during this difficult and uncertain time. 

To rent or to buy is really a difficult decision. And as a trusted real estate consultants in Pampanga, we’ve seen a lot of aspiring homebuyers make this difficult decision. 

If you are stuck deciding on whether to rent or buy, here are some pros and cons to think of to help you make a wise decision. 


Pros and Cons of Renting

Whilst renting will not guarantee you a property no matter how long you rent, there are still a couple of good things about it. 



  • Ready to occupy units once payment has been made (usually it is 1 month down payment and 1 month advance)
  • There is fewer paperwork or document requirement. Usually, landlords will only ask you to sign a leasing contract and will check your identification cards.
  • Since you are only leasing, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and repairs of the property. 
  • You are also free from paying property tax, which can be expensive depending on the type of property. 
  • And if property depreciates, you don’t have to worry about falling home values. 



  • Your landlord can raise rent and even sell the property. 
  • You have limited choices especially if there are limited unit vacancies.
  • You can’t choose your neighborhood.
  • You might need to move multiple times, especially if your landlord wants to sell the property or the increased rent is beyond your budget. 
  • You are limited in renovating the unit based on your preference. 
  • There is no return on investment on the money that you spend on rent. 


Pros and Cons of Buying a House

Buying a home can be rewarding, but it can also be very expensive. So here are the good things and bad things about buying a house and lot property. 



  • No landlord to answer to. 
  • You can make improvements and upgrades freely.
  • Buying a house can be an investment as you can build equity and credit to it.
  • There are possible tax benefits.
  • You get a sense of fulfilment in life.
  • It gives you more stability and security in life. 
  • You can choose a location based on accessibility on schools, market, hospitals, business establishments, etc. 



  • You need to submit a lot of documents and fulfil a lot of paperwork. 
  • The process usually takes time before you finally move in. 
  • Aside from your monthly mortgages, there are extra expenses you need to pay. 
  • You are responsible for maintenance and repair. 


As a real estate consultant, we, at I Am A Homeseller by Mitch Prin always recommend buying a house instead of renting. Yes, renting can be convenient considering the less paperwork and the availability to move in anytime. 

But that’s just it. 

At the end of the day, no matter how long you live on your rented place and how good of a renter you are, your landlord still owns the place while you are left with nothing. 

In short, you will be spending thousands of hard-earned money on something that won’t be yours in the end. 

That is the sad truth about renting. 

Now, if you decided to buy a house instead, you might get intimidated by the costly downpayment, processing fees, monthly mortgages, and many other expenses. 

No need to worry. 

Because this 2020, there are a lot of affordable house and lot properties that are available in prime cities like Angeles City, San Fernando City, Mabalacat City, and even Clark, here in Pampanga. 

For Angeles City, there is Fiesta Communities Mining and Fiesta Communities Porac 2 and Porac 3 that are minutes away from the city proper and from Clark Economic Zone. 

For San Fernando City, there is Fiesta Communities Calulut

And for Mabalacat City, we have Fiesta Communities Dapdap and the newest subdivision that is near Clark, the Fiesta Communities Dau

If you are still worrying on how to afford a house and lot property, this year, Pag-IBIG Fund is now offering a 4.985 percent per annum for a one-year repricing period. This is a special lowest interest rates from Pag-IBIG that can be availed until December. 

pagibig new interest rate 2020


2020 has been really a tough year for everyone. But it also opens a lot of opportunity like this to help Filipinos own a house and lot property easily. 

That is why if you still thinking about renting or buying this 2020, the answer is to buy a property now. You never know when this opportunity will happen again. 

If you are ready to buy a house or would like to explore your options, we are ready to help. Just message us using the green chat button below or call/text 0918-963-6760  for faster transaction.