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How To Achieve Your Dream House This 2021

How To Achieve Your Dream House This 2021

  • by admin
  • January 4, 2021
  • Home Buying Tips

The year 2020 brought unique challenges to every family. The pandemic brought economic hardship and put hold many plans. But that does not mean you will be putting some of your dreams until 2021, especially owning your dream house. 

Buying and owning a house is not easy. Owning a house and lot especially in Angeles City or any other major cities is also expensive. But with the right goal setting and planning, as well as assistance with the right real estate agent and broker, you can make it a reality. 

So how can that be possible? Here are some of the goal-setting advice you need to do to achieve your dream home this year. 


Goal #1 – Create a positive mindset from start to finish

One of the key things to make your dream home a reality this year is keeping your energy and enthusiasm levels high from start to finish. Engage in completing your vision to nourish it, focus on it and protect your vision from opposing forces. Losing your motivation can affect how you commit to achieving your dream home. So make sure to be always enthusiastic and positive in claiming your dream house this year. 


Goal #2 – Start searching for the right home  

Either it is for starting a family or for retirement, you need to find the right property that will suit your needs. Ask yourself, is getting a two-storey house with 4 to 5 bedrooms practical when you’ll just be living alone? Or get a small bungalow or studio type house when you have a growing family with 3 to 4 kids? 

Finding the right home for you is the key to having a comfortable and fulfilled life with your family. This 2021, you need to start finding the right home for you and your family. Try searching for the best and most accessible house and lot for sale here

Also, if you are a newlywed looking for a perfect home, you may check our previous blog “Home Buying Tips For Newlyweds” 


Goal #3 – Start saving for the down payment 

You need to decide what amount you can comfortably afford. You can calculate the total home costs, mortgage, property taxes, and home insurance. You can start allocating a certain percentage from your income and set it aside for the initial payment. 

Look for a group of passionate real estate agents to help you find the perfect home and can give you the utmost satisfaction. Remember this is your dream house and you can only deal with professional real estate experts that you can trust.


Goal #4 – Start reserving your dream house

Once you found the perfect home for you and you know how much it would cost you, this is the perfect time to reserve the property. House and lot properties in Angeles City and Clark sell like pancakes. Meaning, they can be gone in an instant. That is why, when you already found the house you want to get and you have enough money for the down payment, don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Moreover, if you are renting right now, it is best to reserve the property that you want as soon as possible. This way, you can invest your money on the property that you can actually own instead of wasting it on rent. 


Goal #5 – Open a bank account solely for your dream home

Owning a home is really expensive. That is why you need to secure your savings. You can open a separate bank account that is solely for your dream home. Once you get your salary, transfer a portion of it to this account. Moreover, when you get extra money (bonus, raise, or extra side gig) put it here. This way you are securing enough money to fund your own home. 


Goal #6 – Start Spending Wisely 

If you are short on money, don’t dip into your savings account that is meant for your dream house. Instead, reduce your expenses by at least 10 per cent. Or do Goal #7. 


Goal #7 – Find other sources of income

Owning a house and lot is a big deal and an expensive one. That is why you need to work harder to make sure you cover all the expenses needed. If you think your current salary won’t help you, better to find other sources of income to assist you in funding your dream home. It can be tough. But at the end of the day, you are paying for something that will be yours in the future. It’s just like another form of saving.


After a very tough year, we are all excited and looking forward to 2021. This new year is a good start to plan something new or to simply continue our last year’s plans especially when it comes to owning a property. 

Hope that the above goals help you in setting the right mindset and perspective so you can achieve your dream house and lot. As a trusted licensed real estate broker in Angeles City, we can help you find the right house and lot properties that is in the center of everything. Simply contact us for a free site tripping and housing consultation here 0918-963-6760 or connect with us using our Facebook page

Start anew this 2021 and claim your dream house! 

Happy New Year!