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6 Reasons Why Condominiums Are Passive Income Investment

  • by admin
  • March 16, 2023
  • Home Buying Tips | Real Estate

Are you looking to purchase your first real estate property?

Have you considered buying your own condominium unit?

As real estate specialists, we always advise you to carefully look into your finances before signing the deal. And that’s why we know buying a condo would be the best option for first-time buyers out there.

On top of their affordability, condo units are easier to maintain and are perfect for those who live overseas or travel a lot.

Lately, condominium properties are getting all the attention, so you might want to look into your next property purchase before all units run out!

So to make deciding easier for you, here are the reasons why investing in a condominium may be the best decision you’ll make this year:

1. Growing population causes higher demand

With the Philippine population constantly growing, there is a correlated rise in demand for housing. In fact, studies show that the real estate market is expected to grow over the next few years.

Consequently, this means that more people will start to move into urban areas, where the demand for housing will steadily grow. 

On top of this, the growing demand for housing also means more business ventures. You can easily invest in a condo unit, rent it out, and use it as a good passive income business.


2. Lower costs compared to house and lot

Low maintenance costs and low-interest rates are always associated with condo living. And these are only some of the perks you can enjoy from purchasing your own unit.

Compared to house and lot upkeep, condominium maintenance fees are generally cheaper. This is because of the smaller lot area, therefore more manageable space.

On top of all these, having a condo unit is generally cheaper because it already has all the amenities you need in a house. So instead of hiring a pool cleaner every month for the upkeep of your private pool, you can just enjoy the amenities included in a condo unit.

Instead of fixing and maintaining the difficult parts of your house and lot, you can enjoy the cheaper, more accessible amenities of a condo building.


3. Exclusivity at the heart of the city

Most condominium buildings have everything their unit owners need – sometimes ranging from private swimming pools to restaurants.

The gist of it is that these condominium properties offer a range of amenities not usually available in traditional homes. 

And that’s something to look forward to, especially amidst the bustling city. With a condo unit, you can have this kind of exclusivity even in the heart of the city.


4. Security and comfort living

With condo buildings, you can enjoy 24/7 surveillance. And this is especially good for families with growing children.

You can live in comfort and peace, knowing that guards are on patrol at every building, CCTVs monitoring common areas, and guarded entrances and exits everywhere.

This is one crucial factor for growing families caring for younger children. And especially when living in the city, you need this kind of high level of security to make living easier and more comfortable.

5. Growing economy of the country

With the Philippines’ steadily growing economy, job opportunities are also expected to grow in number. And consequently, this opens up more demand for the real estate market.

Cebu is a well-known competitive BPO hub. And with the endless job opportunities, topped with the demand for proper housing in urban areas, the demand for condos in Cebu is always growing steadily.

In fact, the post-pandemic condominium market grew by 67 percent. This shows a brisk sales performance in the market, particularly for condominium units.

6. Close proximity to essential amenities

One of the greatest features of condominiums is their prime location. Most of the time, these condominium buildings are located at the heart of the city, in close proximity to essential amenities.

With this kind of real estate property, you can enjoy living close to shopping centers, schools, universities, public transportation, and hospitals.


Condo Living Is The Way To Live The Future

Condominiums offer a wide range of benefits for individuals looking to live near work, growing families, and even couples who want to start a new chapter of their lives.

And aside from the amenities exclusively for unit owners, low costs, and prime location, condominium units are ideal for people who want to live closer to the city.

But what truly sets the deal for you is the demand for condo units, which you can turn into your own passive income investment!

It’s easy – all you have to do is purchase a unit, rent it out, and wait for the money to come to you!

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