Wise Ways On How You Can Spend Your Christmas Bonus

Christmas Bonus


Perhaps by this time, you’ve received your much awaited 13th month pay and Christmas bonus. And for sure you already have plans on how to spend it. You might spend it on new clothes, shoes, watch, gadget, or you might opt to save it for future use. You might also be thinking of using it to buy Christmas gifts for your families and friends. And before you knew it, your 13th month plus Christmas bonus is gone. This is a common money horror story that many of us experience every year. So to make sure that you get the most out of your Christmas bonuses, here are some wise ways on how to spend it right.


Money Tip #1 - Treat yourself and your loved ones (only once)

After a year of working hard, it is time to treat yourself. So go and dine outside with your family or friends. Go ahead and buy whatever you want. But, make sure that you only do it once. Don’t overspend. Treating yourself is okay, but overspending to satisfy your wants and unnecessary needs is not. You’ll end up wasting your money. So be a wise spender.

Money Tip #2 - Pay your debt

Your 13th month pay and Christmas bonus are considered extra money. They are not part of your monthly income and monthly budget. Since they are extra, they can help you pay off your debt. Use it to have a clean account and be free of debt. If not, it will accrue interest that you need to pay later on. Pay first those with high interest.

Money Tip #3 - Invest it in stocks, mutual funds, or small business

There is nothing wrong in saving your bonuses. Saving is actually better than spending it on unimportant things. However, saving will not help you grow your money. Investment does. So if you have extra money right now, it is wise to invest it in stocks, mutual funds, insurance, or small business, and many others, and let it grow and earn in time. Don’t let your money sleep in banks. Make them work for you. Create outlets for passive income. You don’t have to do it right away. You can save your bonus for the mean time while weighing your options.

Money Tip #4 - Invest it on properties

Buying a property is not that easy. Considering the down payment and other processing fees, you need to prepare, you need a lot of money to get started. That is why, many of us tend to delay our dream of acquiring house and lot. But this should not be, especially now that you have extra money, you can use it to get started with this dream. You can invest your bonuses on reserving your dream property. And once you got a hold of that property, it is now easy to continue with the process.

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Be wise this Christmas!

Have fun and enjoy! Happy holidays!


Photo source: http://blog.orbitremit.com/the-top-7-forces-impacting-the-aud-to-php-exchange-rate/

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