Things To Consider When Looking For Earthquake-Resistant Homes

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The Philippines lies along the Pacific Ring of Fire which makes it vulnerable to frequent seismic and volcanic activity. In short, the Philippines is an earthquake-prone country.

Natural phenomena, such as earthquake, always put us off guard, especially what happened to Central Visayas in 2013. With more than a hundred casualties and ruined buildings and historical churches, no one can really control it. But we can prepare ourselves during these critical times. And being prepared can somehow lessen the damage.

One of the major preparations we can do is to find an earthquake-resistant home. Here is a checklist that you need to consider when looking for one.


A bungalow and a high rise building are both susceptible to damage. However, if a bungalow used quality and high standard material, it can withstand a strong earthquake as compared to condominium unit that used substandard resources.

Quality of materials is very important in making a home earthquake-resistant. With good quality materials, you can be at ease that it won’t break easily.

Hausland Development Corporation is committed to deliver the highest quality of properties. They don’t compromise the quality of homes for substandard and cheap materials. But this doesn’t mean that their properties are expensive. They still offer affordable homes as compared to residential properties in Manila.

Structural Design

Aside from material, it is also important that a home is strategically built to be earthquake resistant.

Hausland Development Corporation has highly skilled and experienced engineers and architects who meticulously plan and build homes to be strong and of quality. They conduct comprehensive research and intensive planning just to ensure the safety of the people who will live in their houses.


Good track record of the developer/contractor of the property is very important. The developer should be knowledgeable with the building code of the Philippines and should religiously comply with it.

Hausland’s credibility and commitment for quality construction are reflected with the satisfied homeowners they have in their properties and the continuous interest of many to their products.

They also build properties and subdivisions in earthquake and flood free area to ensure that their community is safe.

These are just some of the things that you should consider when looking for quality and affordable rent to own houses especially in Angeles, San Fernando, Mabalacat, and Porac, among others.

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