I Am A Homeseller visits Hong Kong!

Pagibig fund fiesta communities housing tour

To fully assist and educate our fellow Filipinos around the world about the value of home ownership and wise investment, I Am A Homeseller - Mitch Prin joins Pag-IBIG Fund Housing tour in Hong Kong on May 10, 2015.

Real estate around the country was carefully selected to participate in this annual housing tour event of Pag-IBIG Fund.

Over the carefully selected 20 companies who will participate in the event, only Fiesta Communities Incorporated, one of the leading socialized housing company in Central Luzon and one of the prime products of I Am A Homeseller, was selected to represent the whole Pampanga region.

Targeting the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), the event aims to introduce to this untapped sector the value of property investment and the value of homeownership.

According to Mitch Prin, this Pag-IBIG housing tour event is a good opportunity for all OFW to invest in house and lot properties.

“We all deserve to own a home. And as OFWs, we want them to turn their hard work into achieving one of their greatest dreams and that is to own a property.”

As a licensed and experienced real estate broker, Mitch Prin also informs OFWs that this is the best time to invest in their dream home.

“For OFW,now is the best time to invest since Pag-IBIG fund expedites loan approvals for OFW.” she says.

In addition, Pag-IBIG fund has also increased its credit limit from 3 Million to 6 Million and has lowered its interest rate into 4.5%. With this, Pag-IBIG members can now flexibly invest in their chosen property.

Moreover, Fiesta Communities offers one of the most affordable housing packages in the country with a reservation fee for as low as P2,500.

Happened at Hong Kong Central, I Am A Homeseller together with Fiesta Communities, sponsored activities in this one-day housing tour event that includes project presentation, raffle events and free housing consultation to all attendees.

Fiesta Communities housing consultation

Pagibig fund Hongkong housing tour

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