Missteps that imperil real estate agents and during real estate process.


During the process of property acquisition, clients and real estate agents have to consider their personal safety on top of everything. Most of the times, real estate agents assist their clients on home staging, paperwork and real estate strategy. Several real estate agents commit missteps that pose dangers to both clients and themselves.

Below are the 5 real estate safety slip-ups that endanger both agents and clients;

  1. Not pre-screening buyers. Real estate agents must screen potential buyers. The National Association of Realtors presents several questions for prequalifying home buyers in (www.nar.realtor). There are thieves who pretend to be buyers and just looking at the area or houses to plan their evil work. Real estate agents should have the ability to determine serious buyers from not.
  2. Not accompanying buyers. Although potential buyers have been screened, it is still important to accompany them in inspecting the houses. When there are multiple buyers, real estate agents must assemble a team who will accompany the buyers.
  3. Not disclosing potential hazards. It is the responsibility of real estate agents to disclose potential hazards to buyers.  If there are factories near the neighborhood, real estate agents must disclose the potential hazards of chemical leaks. It is also compulsory to divulge issues of the home such as waste disposal, heat and water supply.
  4. Not informing the crime rate of the neighbourhood.  Buyers’ safety should be put first. Hence, it is ideal for real estate agents to inform clients of the crime rate in the neighbourhood.
  5. Not conducting a home inspection. It is advisable for real estate agents to inspect first the houses before allowing clients to explore. When there are problems, real estate agents must get professional opinion. In this manner, buyers’ safety are assured during home inspection

Real Estate Safety Measures at Hausland Development Corporation and Fiesta Communities Inc.

We at Hausland Development Corporation together with Fiesta Communities Inc. guarantee that our real estate brokers and agents understand the safety precautions and risk associated with real estate process. Not only that we commit in providing affordable properties, we also pledge the safety of our buyers. Allow us to help you find the right properties among our safe neighbourhoods. Contact us here.

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