Make a small space Bigger - Space Saving Tips

If you're feeling cluttered stuff surrounds you right now, don't fret. We've come up with a few save-spacing tips that will conquer the cluttered spaces.

Make a small space bigger - space saving tips
Free Space-Saving Tips

• Remove and make a room for the things you don't use - If you don't use it everyday, get it out of the way. Do you have food processors sitting on your kitchen countertop because you love collecting them for future purposes? Store them away and free up some countertop space.

• Filing is your bestfriend - Do you have documents, important receipts, cards, takeout menus stacked up on your desk? This is a cheapest way to store that - file them up inside your filing cabinet or folder. It will free up your space and feel more organized.

• Organize stuff immediately - If you stay in the habit of putting things away immediately and not letting them stack up, then you'll be more organized and wise in spending your precious time.

• Toys go to storage box - Kids love spreading toys all over the place. If you have toy chests in playrooms, it will reduce clutter.

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