How To Protect Your Home From Cockroaches

Protect your home from cockroaches

Pests are terrifying, they just don’t ruin our beautiful home, but they are also harmful to our health. And one of the most disgusting and dangerous pests that we badly need to get rid off from our home are cockroaches.

Did you know that cockroaches can carry 33 different kinds of bacteria? Yikes. So to stop cockroach infestation, here are some simple tips that you can do to protect your home from them.



Clean Your Home

A clean home is the best remedy to prevent cockroaches and other pests infestations in your home. Avoid leaving food crumbs anywhere, especially in the kitchen area. Your kitchen is their favorite hide out, so we better make our kitchen spotless. Use of disinfectant is recommended. Also, tightly seal your trash and avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink.


Seal crarcks

Cockroaches can fit through small openings in your home. So it is important to always check the interior of your house for possible cracks, especially in areas that are near food and water sources. Immediately seal these cracks or gaps.


Store food properly

Cockroaches are easily attracted to food. So make sure to always store food in airtight containers. They also love staying on paper products and boxes, like grocery bags, cardboard boxes and cartons. So make sure to unload grocery items into sealed containers and do clean areas where you store your food.

If you have a pet, do not leave their food out. Cockroaches do not know the difference of a normal food to pet food. So do not leave pet bowls on the floor for a long period of time.


Make your home dry

Water is very essential in the survival of cockroaches. So if you keep your home dry, chances of them leaving you alone is high. So make sure to fix any leaks and drips in the kitchen or underneath the sink.


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