DIY Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

Creating a garden on a budget for your backyard and frontyard take a whole lot of patience and breaking your bank. Let's try to forget that at the moment. The result it brings you once you're done in your landscaping job is more original and more personal. Who doesn’t want that?

colorful tire

This thing should not be a pain in the ass, that's why we're giving you cheap ways to have a tastefully landscape yard.

1. Use the old tires

If you own a car and you have old tires in your junk yard or friend's house, you can definitely recycle them. Make it a colorful, useful, and fun by painting it with spray-paint to turn into a delightful container garden.

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2. Gravel

The most common accent in landscaping is gravel. It is useful for walkways, work areas and social spaces. It provides your ornamental grasses a stunning design and look.gravel entry

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3. Bamboo Fence

In Asia, bamboo has become a fine art in traditional landscaping. It's cheap, eco-friendly and gives you a more practical level. You can use this as a fence for your frontyard or fence for your plants. You may be hiring a contractor who has experience working with this unique material to produce the artistic bamboo fence you want.

bamboo fence roll

Picture credit: landscapingnetwork

4. Recycled Glass

Imagine you're walking on a sparkling ribbon of color leading you through your front step. Yes it's not a fantasy, it's possible. Thanks to glass recycling.

recycled glass

Recycled glass can be a substitute for concrete walks, allowing water to soak into the soal and reducing storm water run-off. Plus, when you reuse recycled bottles in your landscape, it's energy-saving and environment friendly.

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5. Driftwood

They said driftwood is useless. But if you're creative and practical enough to think of other ways to use it as an added element to your landscape, you'll be surprised.

You can use driftwood in many ways like turning it into a driftwood chair or bench. Either romantical, whimsical, or simple rustic, driftwood works well in any of the environment.

driftwood bench chair

Picture credit: Gardens

We hope these tips should've help you with your landscaping in the coming weeks or months. Do you have landscape ideas on your mind now? We'd love to hear them.

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