Choosing Interior Colors to Match Your Style

Do you mix and match colors for the interiors of your home? They said that colors are mainly based on what emotion you feel when you're in a certain space? What you feel relates to the style of that space.

Choosing Interior Colors to Match Your Style                                                              Pictured: Dining area in Fiesta Communities Angeles

Check the colors below and find out the emotional meaning:

BLUE - Calming and soothing. This stylish color can be used in your home office or art studio.

- A nature color which depicts with freshness and vigor. If you are a nature lover and your hobby is geared towards outdoor adventures, then green suits your taste.

RED - It is the boldest and vibrant color. Red evokes excitement, energy, sense of vitality and hunger. Red can be used in dining rooms, kitchens, and in areas that energy is necessary.

- Are you a cheerful person? Yellow is a color of happy and cheerful person. Mix yellow to blue and green for cheery styling.

Let's go to neutral colors:

BROWN - You remember Espresso coffee when you see brown accents. Brown is the color if you want to feel secure and strong. Those who go for sophistication and subtlety, brown is perfect for you.

- This neutral color is creative when paired with white. It is great for home offices and areas of the home which requires mental alertness.

BLACK - If black is your styling, you could be sophisticated and dramatic. Black can be dark and gloomy. If you want to give light for your interior that has black, pair it with lighter colors.

WHITE - Plain and simple. White denotes to freshness, timeless, and security. This is perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces.

Don't limit your interior with these colors, you can try mix and match various hue and saturation to achieve the styling you crave.

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