Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas For New Homeowners

Gift Ideas

It’s Christmas time and luckily, one of your friends or close relatives just transferred to their new home. And they are kind enough to invite you to come and celebrate with them. Of course, you don’t want to go empty handed. You would want to give them something special as a housewarming and at the same time Christmas gift.

But what is the best gift to complement this event?

What would be the most appropriate present that would help them get started with their new home?

No need to fuss and panic. Here are some easy to find and affordable gift ideas that you can give to a new homeowner this Christmas season:

Gift Idea #1 - Food

Filipinos love food and this is probably your best and safe choice when you plan to give a housewarming present to a new homeowner. And since it is Christmas, a little addition to the Christmas buffet table would mean abundance.

Your food choice should not be expensive. You can buy traditional delicacies like rice cakes (kalamay), home cooked noodle dish (pansit), grilled chicken (lechon manok), roast pig (lechon baboy), or you can bring in your own personal recipe dish. Whatever it is, it will surely add up to the festive spirit of the season for the new homeowners.

Gift Idea #2 - Rice Cooker

Rice is the staple food of Filipinos. And a good rice cooker is the best choice to grace a new home. If they already have one, it wouldn't hurt to have a new one to replace the old, or to simply have a spare. And besides, it is not only used for cooking rice, it can also be used as a steamer, sterilizer, or a stew pot.

Rice cookers come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. Depending on your budget, you can easily pick the right one that you think is best for the new homeowners.

Gift Idea #3 - Kitchen Set

A good homeowner gift that may complement the rice cooker gift idea, is a kitchen set. A kitchen set is usually composed of knives, can openers, and other cooking tools. A kitchen set will greatly help the new homeowners getting around their new kitchen. It will also be the best gift if the homeowner loves cooking. On the other hand, if they already have an existing kitchen kit, your gift can be a good addition.

Gift Idea #4 - Glassware

Glasswares from plates, drinking glasses, bowls, etc., are common Filipino wedding gift ideas. They are also best housewarming gifts. Though most homeowners might already have glasswares, you can just give them a fancier type that they can use during special occasions and also dining decors.

Gift Idea #5 - Cookware

Another addition to their kitchen set that is also a good housewarming gift is cookware. It can be ceramic or metal pans. Depending on what you think is the preference of the new home owners, there are a lot of cookware items that you can easily find in shopping malls.


Gift Idea #6 - Pillows

Bed pillows or sofa pillows are also good choices when thinking of gift ideas for new homeowners. These pillows can help give character to their living room or bedroom. You just have to be careful in choosing the right size and color to match the couch or the bed that they have.

These are just some of the common, easy to find, and affordable gift ideas this Christmas for new homeowners. You can be creative in thinking of other gift ideas that can be of value to them.

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