Affordable Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Home

Christmas is around the corner. And for a country known to have the longest Christmas celebration in the world, we don’t want to miss this season without turning our homes into a festive mood.

But buying Christmas decors and decorating your home can be both expensive and tiring. That is why, I Am A Homeseller team gives you some Christmas decorating tips that are affordable, easy to do and simply amazing.


Start a Christmas holiday craft

Buy some aluminum-foil and turn these into ring chains. Ask the help of your kids to do this. These foil chains can be good decorations for your Christmas tree, door or wall. Aluminum-foil are affordable and are available in bookstores or school supplies stores.

holiday craft


Cut out letters

Personalized your Christmas decoration theme with cut out letters. Use brightly colored construction paper and trace the message you want to do with it. Then, use a removable adhesive so painted walls go undamaged.

cut out letters

Create a nonconventional snowman

A snowman is one of the most popular characters during Christmas. However, in a tropical country like the Philippines, creating a snowman is next to impossible. But this does not mean we can’t have our own version of a snowman. We can use other materials to create a snowman inspired decorations. We can stack fruit and hold them together with toothpicks. Be creative and use some candies or other colorful materials for the eyes, arms, nose, etc.

snow man


Decorate your throw pillows

Get a red ribbon and creatively tie it to your throw pillows. Add some rhinestone or other decorations to make it more christmasy. Avoid buying new pillows that you can only use for a short period of time. Just make use of whatever you have right now.

throw pillow

Turn clear bottles into holiday-colored decor

Get clear bottles or vases and filled it with colored water. Use red, green, blue, or other christmassy colors. Line the bottles up in a row or decorate them with floating candles.

holiday decor


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