6 Quirky & Playful Decor You Can Add To Your Home

Now we're talking! Sometimes you're in the mood to turn your home into a high level artistic quirky architecture. There are a lot of ways to do that. You can try DIY, mix matching, or even scour the web to look for the very unique piece.

1. Frames and wall paintings

Wall paintings come from different sizes and designs. You can find paintings, wall decals, funky frames or even giant canvases waiting for you to hang on your wall.

Nouveau Residences Andre Living Room

2. Floral throw pillows

Pillows are not just plain in color and texture. The white and blue floral petals surprise you a lot. You even want to make a matching canvas floral art.

Mirus Residences Living Room

3. Candle holders

If you like buying more than one piece of a decor you really love, that's so quirky. Candleholders are not popular addition to a home. But you may want to try adding that piece and take note it should be quirky.

Nouveau Residences Candle holders

4. European-inspired living room

You might notice that most of the pieces are quirky. Relaxed European-inspired living room. Warm beige walls and an oatmeal carpet create a versatile backdrop for varied texture such as sheepskin, wooden furniture and glassware.

Timog Residences European-inspired living room

5. Pinkish colors

Pinkish furnishings make this a feminine but quirky living room. We love the use of the ladder that holds the frames. It lifts the neutral color palette, adds a quirky touch to the vintage decor.

Timog Residences Summer Living room

6. What a beautiful wall

I love the playfulness of the wall art! This high-quality vinyl gives your living room a constant love. This quirky room accent tells that you're not boring.

Mansfield Residences Scarlet Living Room

Quirk up your own space?

What unusual, quirky design elements have you incorporated into your space? Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post.

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