4 Unique Gift Ideas This Christmas For Your Whole Family

Time flies so fast! We only have less than a month to prepare for that most awaited season of the year - Christmas! Yey! And I know most of us are still thinking about what to give to our family. So to help you lessen the pressure you are feeling right now, here are some unique and on the budget gift ideas that you can give to them.


1. Family Vacation

Since material things don’t last, it’s nice to give your family something that they can experience and remember forever. So why don’t you surprise them with a one day trip or a three day vacation in a very nice and relaxing place. Aside from making them happy, you can also have that most awaited family bonding.

I know a family vacation can be very expensive. But you don’t have to spend so much for that Hong Kong Disneyland trip or have that one week European Cruise. Just have a relaxing day at a good hotel with a nice view and a sumptuous food that is just hours away from your home. It’s the thought that counts and it’s the family bonding that is more important.

Mansfield Private Pool

Mansfield Residences Private Pool


2. Customized Family Items

Think of items that your family can use. It can be a mug, shirt, plates, etc. Put a personal touch on it by printing their names on the mugs or by creating a cute caricature of them in that shirt. Make sure that you have a unified design so it would be easy to identify that it is a family set item.

Personalized family mugs



3. DIY gifts

There are a lot of DIY gifts that you can give to your family. It can be a DIY family photo collage. You can also bake cookies or make homemade candies for them. Just make sure to be creative in using fancy and Christmas themed wrappers to add more effect to your gift.

Their hearts will surely melt when they receive something that they know you worked hard to make.

DIY gifts


4. Dream Home

For your family, one of the best gifts that you can give them is a home. A home where you can live peacefully and happily. But it is also one of the most expensive gifts. Well, not really, since there are a lot of affordable house and lot in Angeles, Mabalacat, Porac, San Fernando and many more areas in Pampanga. Fiesta Communities Inc. offers one of the most affordable and quality homes for Filipino families. For as low as 2,570.50 a month you can live the life you’ve always wanted.

To know more about the affordable house and lot in Angeles, Mabalacat, Porac, San Fernando and many more areas in Pampanga, contact 0918-963-6760.


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