4 Major Reasons Why Living In Pampanga Is Better Than In Manila

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As the country’s capital, the city brims with competitive business and employment opportunities. No wonder, many Filipinos choose to work and sometimes even live here. However, just like any other busy and populous capitals in the world, living in Manila has a lot of disadvantages, especially if you will compare it with the peace, quiet and booming economies of the cities in Pampanga. So before you packed your bags and settle down in Manila, why don’t you consider these things first?


Cost of living

Let’s start with residential spaces. Depending on the quality, amenities, types and location, prices of residential spaces vary. Manila, as a business hub, has a considerably higher leasing price compared to provincial residential spaces like Pampanga.

Average rental cost per month in Manila

  • Bedspace/person – Php 3,423.58

  • Condo/person – Php 6,384.26

  • Apartment/person – Php 5,000

Average rental cost per month in Pampanga

  • Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre - Php 4,833.33

The difference may not be that big. But in Pampanga, there are affordable rent to own houses that you can acquire for as low as Php2, 570.50 a month - Fiesta Communities Porac, Mabalacat, Angeles and San Fernando.

Economically, these locations are one of the fastest growing cities in the province. With close proximity to Clark, an international business hub, employment and business opportunities continue to come in Angeles, Mabalacat and San Fernando.



Manila is sometimes synonymously connected with traffic. There have been attempts to solve this lifelong problem. But problems continue to arise instead of solutions. We all know that traffic brings a lot of hassle in our work and daily life. But as much as we want to avoid it, we can’t, especially if you are in a vehicle-populated city.

So if you don’t want to experience a hellish kind of life every day, why don’t you settle on a place with less traffic? Pampanga has become one of the gateway provinces in the country. It is connected to a number of major thoroughfares that makes travelling to other areas more convenient.

Just like Manila, Pampanga, specifically Clark, houses an international airport. If you are living within Angeles City, you are just minutes away from travelling to other parts of the world.


Pollution and crime rate

Traffic accompanies air pollution. This made worse with the limited number of trees in the area. Whilst Manila is a good place for employment opportunities, it may not be an ideal place for raising a child. Aside from air pollution, the city is also known to have overly populated streets, and high crime rate as compared to other places in the country.

Pampanga, on the other hand, has cities that have a low crime rate. Locals and tourists often seen walking in the streets during the night.


The streets of Manila are easily flooded. With slight but continuous rain, the city sometimes goes in a standstill. A waist-deep floodwaters make streets impassable to vehicles and people’s safety is threatened.

Angeles City, Pampanga, is located in high areas. So it takes a heavy and continuous rain for the streets to get flooded. Furthermore, residential subdivisions here, like Fiesta Communities, have created drains to manage flooding in the area.

Despite having some cons, Manila is still a good place with all the opportunities it offers. However, if you are looking for a peaceful, safe and practical life, you should consider living in Pampanga. To know more about the available safe and affordable homes here check this link.

You can also contact 0918-963-6760, for home consultation or free estimation of houses in the area.





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