2017 Goals To Get Your Dream Home

2017 goals for your dream home

After Christmas, everyone will start preparing for the coming of 2017. New plans, new dreams, new life, and probably a new house. You want to start fresh and you want to do it in the comforts of your new home. So if you are thinking of ways on how to acquire your dream home next year, we’ve prepared some tips on how you can save enough money to get that house you’ve always dreamed of.


Goal No. 1 - Find the right home for you

There are a lot of rent to own properties out there. They vary in lot and floor sizes, architecture styles, prices, location, among others. With so many options to choose from, finding the right house can be a bit difficult. So better start the year by searching for the best and most affordable house and lot for sale.


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Goal No. 2 - Save for down payment and reserve immediately

After finding the perfect home, get all the details. Know how much is the down payment and the reservation fee for that property. Once you know how much you need to pay, you’ll know how much you’ll gonna save to make that payment.

After that, make a saving plan and commit to it. It is advisable to give yourself a deadline on when you’re going to complete all these initial payments. If these initial payments are too big for you, you can always talk to a licensed real estate agent and ask about discounts or promos that you can avail to lower the down payment or reservation fee. Don’t be afraid to ask. Once you’ve saved enough, pay and reserve your home immediately.


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Goal No. 3 - Open a bank account for your home

You need to secure your savings. Open a bank account that is solely for your home. You can ask for the help of your payroll department to send a portion of your salary to this bank account. With this, you don’t have to worry about saving for your home. But if your payroll department can’t do that, you can always deposit your money personally. Just make sure you are consistent in saving.



Goal No. 4 - Work more or find other means of income

Since purchasing a house and lot property is a big deal, you need to work hard more to cover all the needed expenses. You can work overtime to earn more or you can find other side hustle that can add up to your income. Having an extra stream of income will help you finance your home while paying for your other bills. Just make sure that all these extras will go to your savings account that is solely for your dream home.



Goal No. 5 - Be wise in spending

Buy only what you need and avoid expensive purchases. It is okay to spoil ourselves sometimes, but if you are going to buy something expensive, make sure that you set aside your savings for your home. House and lot properties are long term investments. You may be delaying a little gratification right now, but in the future, you’ll gonna reap everything that you sow.

It will also help if you will change your lifestyle. Analyze your expenses and make adjustments on unnecessary things and splurges. Cut back if possible and only buy those that are important.


Purchasing a home is not that cheap and easy, especially if you are on a budget. But it is possible to do as long as you are brave to take calculated risk. A property is a good investment. You’ve worked hard all your life. So don’t let your money go to waste. Invest it into something that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. So be wise and start a good year by aiming to have that dream home.

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